Gift Subscription

Gift Subscription

from 64.95

How it works:

Purchase a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month gift subscription from this page. On checkout, you’ll be prompted to give the gift-recipient’s name and email address. You’ll also be able to leave a gift message.

On the first business day after ordering, we’ll send an email with a unique coupon code that the gift-recipient will be able to use to get 3-months free on any of our subscriptions. Your recipient will be required to make an account enter payment details, but they will not be charged and they will be prompted to cancel at the end of three months.

However, this system will allow them to pause and restart their subscription from the convenience of the Boomtown website! The subscription will not begin until the gift recipient redeems the code, so they can wait to start getting shipments at their convenience

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