Guatemala Decaf

Guatemala Decaf


12 oz. Decaffeinated Single Origin Whole Bean Roasted Coffee.

  • Origin: Guatemala

  • Producer: Various

  • Altitude: 1300-1650 MASL

  • Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai

  • Process: Washed & Swiss Water

  • Roast: Medium-Dark

  • Tasting Notes: Cocoa Nib, Almond, Caramel

Swiss Water Process has worked to define and then refine their Guatemalan profile. What they didn’t want: murky, pungent fruit, inconsistency. What they did want: sweet, clean, good acidity, solid cups. They chose regions known for these qualities, such as Fraijanes, Mataquescuintla, San Marcos and Esquipulas. They turned to farms and mills that could hit the mark, producers such as Finca El Cascajal and Finca La Igualdad. - Swiss Water Process

Our Swiss Water Processed Guatemala is the go-to roast for those of you that choose to take a break from the caffeine train but still want to enjoy a Boomtown beverage. There is much thought and care that goes into roasting this Guat, and we stand behind its quality (as should you). Gone are the days of whispering your decaffeinated order to our baristas across the counter, and say hello to proudly shouting your order through the bullhorn that comes with every bag of Boomtown decaf coffee! Please enjoy. - Dean

All Boomtown Coffee® is 100% natural, free of artificial flavors or additives.  All of our tasting notes are a result of a standard SCA cupping.  Flavors found in home-brewed coffee are subject to individual taste and brew method. 

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