Hearts Ablaze

Hearts Ablaze


12 oz.  Whole Bean Roasted Coffee Blend.

  • Origin: El Salvador, Colombia

  • Process: Washed & Natural

  • Roast: Medium

  • Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Baking Chocolate, Honey

At Boomtown, we pride ourselves in being able to tell the story of each of our coffees all the way from farm to cup, and if all goes well, that story ends with a smile on your face as you taste it. However, our friends at A 2nd Cup have made it possible that the story of our coffee doesn’t have to end at your taste buds. Your purchase of this bag or any coffee at A 2nd Cup helps financially support the fight against human trafficking and will continue to make a difference long after your last sip. And, if all goes well, it will lead to many more smiling faces. - Boomtown

All Boomtown Coffee® is 100% natural, free of artificial flavors or additives.  All of our tasting notes are a result of a standard SCA cupping.  Flavors found in home-brewed coffee are subject to individual taste and brew method. 

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