Colombia San Luis Pink Bourbon

Colombia San Luis Pink Bourbon


12 oz. Single Origin Whole Bean Roasted Coffee.

  • Origin: Libano, Colombia

  • Producer: Omar Arango Tinoco

  • Altitude: 1750 MASL

  • Varietal: Pink Bourbon

  • Process: Washed

  • Roast: Medium

  • Tasting Notes: Honey, Cranberry, Cocoa Powder

Pink Bourbon is a really special varietal cultivated from a combination of Red and Yellow Bourbon. Despite being relatively resistant to coffee leaf rust (a disease that threatens a major coffee crisis in Latin America), Pink Bourbon is difficult to grow as it must be grown in isolated lots--pollenation from nearby Red or Yellow Bourbon disrupts the varietal to the point of losing its unique characteristics.

This San Luis Pink Bourbon is a great example of how complex a washed coffee from Latin America can taste. The characteristically Latin American flavors of chocolate and browning sugar stand alongside sweetness from honey and grape, balanced by really delicious tartness - like cranberry, hibiscus, and lime. It’s not just sweet like sugar. Instead, when all these flavors combine, you’ve got something really special - things like chocolate-covered raisins, port wine, or oatmeal raisin cookies. You’ve got to try this coffee! - Boomtown

All Boomtown Coffee® is 100% natural, free of artificial flavors or additives.  All of our tasting notes are a result of a standard SCA cupping.  Flavors found in home-brewed coffee are subject to individual taste and brew method.

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