Congratulations are in order!

You might recognize Houston's two newest accredited Q Graders:

Mr. Boomtown himself, Matt Toomey, along with his wife, Anna-Marie Nagel, spent nearly the entirety of last week in Portland studying and testing to become certified Q Graders, an exhausting and rewarding cap to the months of study and practice that got them there.  Becoming a Q Grader is akin to becoming a certified sommelier, with rigorous coffee tasting and knowledge tests developed to qualify individuals as industry experts in identifying and qualifying specialty coffee, and becoming such has added them to the small handful (we're talking single digits) of certified professionals in Houston and less than 4000 certified individuals in the entire world.

Only time will tell what this means for Boomtown, but you can rest assured that when you grab an amazing cup of coffee at our shop on 19th or delight in the fragrance and aroma of our roasted beans at home that the quality was, certifiably, not an accident.  Keep on Booming, and think of these two smiling faces next time you are enjoying Boomtown coffee!

Andrew Loreman