Producer Profile: Hakuna Matata

Finca Maputo, the Gaibor's original farm; Image Credit: Cafe Imports

The last time you sat at the Boomtown Coffee bar, you probably watched as your barista ground the roasted coffee beans, put their weight into the tamp, and pulled you a shot of crema-laden espresso.  It's a daily ritual for many of our patrons, but even those who imbibe a shot on a daily basis likely never stop to think about the true origins of the coffee they love.  In the months ahead, we hope to be able to feature as many of our producers as possible to help you make this missing connection between seed and cup, and we couldn't think of a better place to start than with Henry and Verena Gaibor of Finca Maputo and their neighboring farm:


Every farm and farmer has a story to tell, but we can only imagine the stories that Verena and Henry might have to tell of the time they spent with Doctors Without Borders in Burundi, where they originally met as a nurse from Switzerland and a surgeon from Ecuador.  After completing a tour with DWB, they moved back to Henry's home country of Ecuador to open their own medical clinic, which they operated for thirteen years before retiring just five years ago to follow their true passion: specialty coffee. 

Henry and Verena Gaibor; Image Credit: Cafe Imports

The farm itself sits so close to the equator that it is possible to grow coffee throughout the entire year, and the unique micro-climate surrounding the farm differentiates it from even its closest neighbors.  It's here, where the humidity is so thick that clouds of fog hug the trees most afternoons, that the Gaibors cultivate some of the most delicious coffee coming out of their home country.

Image Credit: Cafe Imports

Image Credit: Cafe Imports

As Piero Cristiani of Cafe Imports put it, Henry is "as precise and committed to coffee as he once was in the emergency room", and between his dedication to farming and Verena's meticulous management of the processing station, they have created a coffee that is truly a testament to the amount of work and care they have put into making it.  We strive to make sure the care we put into roasting and preparing the beans matches theirs, and we hope that you love the end product as much as we do.   


Image Credit: Cafe Imports

Image Credit: Cafe Imports

If you are interested in seeing the farm in motion, and hearing Henry Gaibor himself describe the work that goes into the farm, Lucas Chemotti of Nossa Familia captured the farm quite beautifully in a video from back in 2015.  Check it out here.