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chris porto - marketing and communications manager

What I do: Photos, branding, design, writing for the blog, tons of emails, tasting coffees with the warehouse crew. Once in a while they let me pour some lattes!

Favorite Pour: Teddy bear. Otherwise I like rosettas.

Favorite Brew Method: Kalita for taste, Clever for ease

Favorite Classic Cocktail: Negroni

Favorite Coffee Memory: Winning Crush the Rush or travelling to Seattle for SCA Expo

Favorite Food Pairing with Coffee: Scone or Filipino pandesal

Location: Roastery


Matt Toomey - Founder

Favorite coffee/cooking/bartending memory: Connor singing karaoke to Abba's 'Fernando'

Favorite kind of coffee: Ethiopian dry process

Favorite latte art pour: Prolly a dangling heart Rosetta wrap

Favorite brew method: Chemex. Kalita. Aeropress.

Favorite Boomtown drink/food item/cocktail: $5 Mocha. Taco. Leather Elbows.

Favorite classic cocktail: Old Fashion

Pitcher of Choice: Slowpour!

Favorite food pairing with coffee: Chocolate

Favorite place in Houston: Arboretum

Favorite part about being a barista/cook/bartender/chef/etc: The family. No matter how big it gets it's still family.

Location: Roastery


Andrew Loreman - Sunshine Engineer

What I do: Most of the things, but not the coffee things.

Favorite Pour: Successful.

Favorite Brew Method: Espresso

Favorite Drink: Milk & Honey

Pitcher of Choice: Beer

Location: Roastery