Ethiopia Amaro Gayo

Ethiopia Amaro Gayo


12 oz. Single Origin Whole Bean Roasted Coffee.

  • Origin: Amaro, Ethiopia
  • Producer: Asnakech Thomas
  • Altitude: 1100-1800 MASL
  • Varietal: Heirloom
  • Process: Natural Process
  • Roast: Medium Light
  • Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Honey, Lemon

This exceptional organic coffee is produced by Asnakech Thomas, the only female coffee grower, miller and exporter in Ethiopia.  An area defined by relatively light population, waterfalls and highland bamboo forests, the Amaro Mountains are a small range separating the communities of Amaro on the eastern slopes from Nechisar National Park and the lowland tribal areas of Arba Minch in southwest Ethiopia, Sidamo region. - InterAmerican

At Boomtown, naturally processed Ethiopians are our raison d'être.  Though Latin American beans make up the bones of our organization, if you open the veins of Boomtown, a full carafe of Amaro Gayo might come spilling out.  This is the type of coffee most of us brew when no one else is looking, and it is the perfect introduction to how amazing naturally processed beans can be.  Big berries, honey, citrus, and almost pastry-like sweetness step forward in any pourover, and they get even bigger and more incredible when pulled from an espresso machine. - Boomtown

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