Finca Sausalito

Finca Sausalito


12 oz. Single Origin Whole Bean Roasted Coffee.

  • Origin: Manizales, Caldas, Colombia
  • Producer: Finca Sausalito
  • Altitude: 1950 MASL
  • Varietal: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
  • Process: Washed and Sun-Dried
  • Roast: Medium
  • Tasting Notes: Nutty, Caramel, Spices

Sausalito is a typical small farm, managed directly by the owners. Sausalito extends over an area of twelve hectares, seven of them cultivated in coffee. Sausalito is a beautiful small piece of land that enjoys a mild climate, influenced by stable rains and warm winds. This excellent weather with the richness of the local soil contribute to the excellent cup of the coffee produced by this farm.  - Traviesa Coffee

We aren’t sure if it is the weather, the soil, or some form of black magic that makes this coffee taste as good as it does, but we tend to ignore the details when we come back for our second cup.  If you are looking for a solid, all-around Latin American bean, look no further than the Finca Sausalito.  Nuts, chocolate, and caramel are rounded out by peppery baking spices and subtle fruits in the cup, and they are equally satisfying in nearly any extraction method.  - Boomtown

All Boomtown Coffee® is 100% natural, free of artificial flavors or additives.  All of our tasting notes are a result of a standard SCA cupping guided by a certified Q-grader.  Flavors found in home-brewed coffee are subject to individual taste and brew method. 

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