Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata


12 oz. Single Origin Whole Bean Roasted Coffee.

  • Origin: Pichincha, Ecuador
  • Producer: Finca Maputo
  • Altitude: 1350 MASL
  • Varietal: Typica
  • Process: Washed, Sun-Dried
  • Roast: Medium
  • Tasting Notes: Floral, Apricot, Caramel

Henry and Verena produce their coffee in La Perla, Nanegal, located in the region northwest of the Pichincha Province, close in proximity to Colombia. The area where their farms are located has a very particular microclimate; even though it’s only at 1350 masl, the unique climate produces 88+ coffee.  They renamed the farm to "Hakuna Matata", a phrase they became quite familiar withduring their time in Mozambique.  -Cafe Imports

We know it’s confusing - a coffee that sounds so African coming from Ecuador.  The Gaibors met while treating patients in Africa and later moved back Ecuador to open a clinic.  After retiring they began farming coffee there, and renamed a farm they acquired to Hakuna Matata.  Like everyone’s favorite meerkat and warthog taught us, the phrase means “no worries,” and this coffee embodies the sentiment perfectly.  Jasmine, hibiscus, orange blossom, and other florals mingle with apricot and cherry in the cup, rounded out by caramel and brown sugar.  -Boomtown

All Boomtown Coffee® is 100% natural, free of artificial flavors or additives.  All of our tasting notes are a result of a standard SCA cupping guided by a certified Q-grader.  Flavors found in home-brewed coffee are subject to individual taste and brew method. 

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