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At Boomtown, we know coffee is more than just a shot of caffeine…

It’s your start to a good day or your afternoon boost during a bad one; it’s your weekend breakfast-in-bed, your icebreaker on a first date, or your concentration for a late night of work. We know just how important a good cup of coffee can be, and we want you to taste the care that we have taken when sourcing and roasting our beans. Whether we are serving you a latte at our home in Houston or you are making yourself a pot in your home, we hope that you can experience the proof of our efforts in every cup you drink.

Boomtown began with the dream of serving coffees that we wanted to drink — roasted with care, brewed with precision, and always served with love. We think that that’s just the right way to do it, and we believe that doing things “the right way” with confidence, passionate people, and respect for the craft will inevitably lead to good things. We also think that it’s the least we can do to honor the hard work of the entire coffee supply chain that exists behind every cup. We always thought of coffee as something that was more than caffeine (though we definitely love that that’s part of it). When you walk into Boomtown, we want you to get that same feeling about coffee that inspired us to open up shop, and we chase that feeling in every thing we do. Also, we think coffee should be fun.

So, what is Boomtown? We’re a small-batch specialty coffee roaster in Houston, Texas, lifting the spirits of coffee drinkers, one little BOOM at a time. Welcome!